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MyLynx Webpage Checkers
NOTE: This page lists software and free online tools that MyLynx is using or has used to build webpages.
  Data last updated 2/4/08  
We try to use all browsers occationally so that we can see how are pages display. For example the droplists we used to use worked with IE but not with Foxfire.
1) Netscape Navigator 9 - NOTE: Support for this browser will end 3/1/08
2) Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 - We are still using IE 6 on most computers
3) FoxFire / Mozilla Fox Fire - We use this on a regular basis
4) Opera - We had used this browser prior to finding Foxfire, as it no longer ever shows up as a browser being used to find out site.
Our browser stats for the week ending 1/26/08
1) IE - 30%
2) Foxfire/Mozilla - 5%
3) Netscape - 3%
4) the rest are unknown
  HTML Tools
For us websites are about information and search results, not what 'cool' stuff some web developer can dream up. I have never yet watched an intro or flash is there is a 'skip' option, again I am on that website looking for information not to watch their logo go in circles.
1) HotMetal 6- This HTML tool is no longer supported, but this is the one we were self taught on and find its tools and layouts are very user friendly. However it does limit us to not being able to use all the 'flash' now available.
2) Dreamweaver - Version 6 - We have tried using this program many times over the last five years and have never had the patience to learn how to use it.
3) FrontPage 2000 - Again, we did not feel that FrontPage was as easy to learn as HotMetal. We have not tried the new versions.
4) FREE - Open Office 1.1 - We quit using this tool as soon as we found that saving changes in this tool made the page not compatable with HotMetal
  Search Engine Tools / SEO tools
Spider test tool from Search Engine Genie
- From this tool we learned that spiders were most likely not seeing our description and keywords.
Google position checker from Search Engine Genie
- This will find your position on Google from zero to 1,000. Similar tools are available for MSN and Yahoo.
Search engine position tool from SEO Guy
- This will find your position on five search engines but only within the first 10 pages each.
* See Page Rank Below

Webpage analyzer from Free Web Submissions
- This one tells you if it finds errors, if the tags are relevant to the body.
Webpage analyzer from AnalyerHQ
- This one tells you if it finds errors, does offer a couple of suggestions but does not offer guidelines
Webpage analyzer from Web Site Optimization
- This one focuses more on size, and how/why that effects load time.
Webpage analyzer from Submit Express
- This one focuses more on relevancy than the other pages

NOTE: The following three sites each have a DIFFERENT number of recomended of characters for description and keywords.
Webpage analyzer from Site Solutions
- This lists problems and solutions for each area
Meta Tag analyzer from Scrub the Web
- This one analyzes the Title, Description and Keywords by number of characters and repetition
Meta Tag analyzer from MyPageRank
- This one also analyzes the Title, Description and Keywords by number of characters

Web Tool Boy
- Has about a dozen web checking tools
  Seach Help Tools
Google - Webmaster Tools
Google - Messageboard
MSN - Webmaster Tools
Yahoo - Basic Help
  Validation Tools
W3C / World Wide Web Consortium - Validate URL
  Page Rank Test - Search Engine Genie - 2/5/08 - same as below, but NF for Google, Yahoo and MSN
Page Rank Test - SEO Guy - 2/5/08 - - "compare ltl rates"
1) Yahoo = NA, Actual search #3
2) Google = NA, Actual NA top 10
3) AllTheWeb = #3, Acutal #3
4) MSN = NA, Actual #1
5) HotBot = #1, Actual #1 and #2
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